Khan Chittenden

Khan plays Jim, a twenty-one year old Australian farm boy sent to pilot fighter planes in South-East Asia during World War Two.

Born in New Zealand, Khan has had many lead roles in independent Australian films including CLUBLAND, WEST and CATERPILLAR WISH. He has appeared in several TV mini series, including PAPER GIANTS: MAGAZINE WARS, UNDERBELLY: RAZOR and SISTERS OF WAR.


MO TZU-YI / Seng
Tzu-Yi plays the Singapore-Chinese resistance fighter, SENG. He is one of Taiwan’s bright young talents and is a well-established theatre actor.

His feature films include the award-winning A PLACE OF ONE’S OWN, SNOWFALL IN TAIPEI, THE MOST DISTANT COURSE, CANDY RAIN, DO OVER and FOREVER. His films have travelled extensively to international film festivals.

The production team discovered Tzu-Yi after watching his film A PLACE OF ONE’S OWN at the Hong Kong Film Festival in 2009.